Violin Electric - Single - Noel Webb
Sample Tracks
“Journey With Me” Violin Electric

[audio:|titles=Journey With Me|artists=Noel Webb]

Give it All

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Sample Tracks
“The Ride” Give It All

[audio:|titles=The Ride|artists=Noel Webb]

“She’s A Tease”Give It All

[audio:|titles=She’s A Tease|artists=Noel Webb]

Satin Sheets

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Sample Tracks
“City Lights” Satin Sheets

[audio:|titles=City Lights|artists=Noel Webb]

“Anticipation” Satin Sheets

[audio:|titles=Anticipation|artists=Noel Webb]

Storm Dance

CD Storm Dance front
Sample Tracks
“Wild Moon Night” Storm Dance

[audio:|titles=Wild Moon Night|artists=Noel Webb]

“Baby Dance” Storm Dance

[audio:|titles=Baby Dance|artists=Noel Webb]

The Big Bang

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Sample Track
“Scream” The Big Bang

[audio:|titles=Scream|artists=Noel Webb]

The Soul of

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Sample Tracks
“Like a Dream” The Soul of

[audio:|titles=Like a Dream|artists=Noel Webb]

“You Make Me Feel” The Soul of

[audio:|titles=You Make Me Feel|artists=Noel Webb]
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