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Experience Noel Webb

Noel Webb
Empowering girls and women to be all that they want to be, going All Around the World. Performed by electric violinist and singer Noel Webb.

Noel Webb
Music video by Noel Webb performing Journey With Me.
Noel Webb
Electric violinist Noel Webb with featured singer Glenna Gasparian play and sing a tender country rock song about lovers making mistakes with full orchestra.

Noel Webb
Noel Webb sings and plays violin on pop/rock tune, My Love

Noel Webb
NOTE to Musicians,..Artists..&..Recording Companies:..This fan made music video was uploaded for recreational listening pleasure only,..if you have any objections..&..wish to have your music removed from my channel,..then please send me a private message..&..I will remove it immediately.

Reward on Moozar :

Noel Webb concert Japan
Electric violinist Noel Webb performs concert in Japan for 3000 people

What people are saying about electric violinist and singer

“His music celebrates.”

Los Angeles Times

“This is insanely captivating and different. I love that this instrument is being played in this manner and has such diverse appeal. This song (“Journey With Me”) has brilliant structure and dynamics. I hope he makes more music like this song. LOVED IT!”

Anrgirl Holly Hutchison, A&R Executive Capital Records and Atlanta Records

“Every few years, a violinist comes along with a sound that nets him some significant urban airplay.  Now, add to that list Noel Webb”

A. Scott Galloway, writer for the Urban Network

“Noel Webb brings a fresh dynamic to the world of Jazz in the 21st century with his electric violin…a new dimension to a melody instrument that, not only freshens up the rather monolithic and predictable sound we have become accustomed to, but immediately raises the attention level of the listener to try and fathom this eclectic instrument which is more at home as part of the string section in a symphony orchestra… Noel Webb is carving a niche in a jazz sub genre which artists like Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Smokey Robinson and Shania Twain did for jazz, rock, soul and country music respectively in the past… with a harder, urban edge than many Smooth Jazz records which become repetitive and hard to differentiate from artist to artist.  Noel’s music is instantly identifiable and quite unique and like the pioneer violinist Urbaniak, will be a breath of fresh air to, not only the Smooth Jazz record buying public, but by its very inference it may appeal to the cross over classical and hip hop markets as well.”

Wes Gillespie, Editor of


“Webb’s exemplary violin playing was a sight and sound to behold and there is no wonder why he is in such demand as a performing artist with exceptional musicality.”

Paula Edelstein, reviewing Noel’s performance at Calabasas Music Festival

“Real hot stuff here Noel.”

Ken Batie, WCLK, Atlanta, GA

“Violin prodigy Noel Webb brings a unique voice to the jazz set with his electric five-string.  Whether soaring and crying in elegant lines or digging into intricate, impossibly fast changes, Webb captures emotional subtlety and spins melodic hooks with ease.”

Hillarie S. Grey, JazzTimes

“For me, the 9th wonder of the world isn’t the Pyramids. It isn’t Mt. Rushmore, Aurora Borealis, or the Great Wall… It’s the jazz violinist.  Meeting and hearing smooth jazz violinist Noel Webb was definitely one of my personal highlights.”

Khalis Pride, editor of Jazz Nation Magazine

“All of my listeners constantly request you Noel.”

Ellen Washington, Program Director WJAB, Huntsville, AL.

“I can’t believe I have Noel Webb in my studio.”

Kathy Barlow, Program Director WDLT, Mobile, AL.

Electric violinist and singer NOEL WEBB

•  Google Radio American Perspective with Judyth Piazza (300 million listeners) interviewed Noel Webb
•  PATjE.FM radio in Paris, France chose “Journey With Me” off JOURNEY WITH ME album for special airing
• interviewing Noel after hearing “You Really Need to Grow” off JOURNEY WITH ME album
•  SUPERCUTS chose “Come Close I Will Hold You” off Journey With Me album for their ROCK THE ARTIST CAMPAIGN
•  ROCKSTAR WRESTLING channel chose “Scream” off Journey With Me album for their television and internet show
•  DIVERSITY MUSIC GROUP-AFTER DARK COMPILATION CD chooses “You Really Need to Grow” off Journey With Me album for their compilation CD
•  Whiskey A Go-Go asks for performance by Noel Webb
•  Planet Jazz National Television Show (ABC Network station). Washington, D.C.
•  Sirius Satellite Radio live studio, New York City (1 hr. interview and performance)
•  Soap Opera Weekly Magazine released a profile on Noel Webb in its September issue
•  Playboy TV/Radio (interviewed and performed live)
•  ACTOR ON “General Hospital”
•  ACTOR ON “Mad About You”
•  ACTOR ON movie of the week “The Menendez Brothers”
•  NARRATED dozens of “A&E Biographies” (Nostradamus, Rudolph Valentino, Civil War)
•  Comcast TV “Real Life, CN8, New York City (interviewed and performed live)
•  ESPN “Cold Pizza” Television show (Filmed in New York)
•  BRE Magazine’s 25th ‘Anniversary Edition (featured artist)
•  Japan Television (1 hr. national interview)
•  ABC Radio Network “The Touch Format Show”.
•  Downbeat Magazine article on Noel
•  XM Babalon Radio (Trinity) special on Noel.
•  NPR’s “Morning Edition”
•  Chayz Lounge Radio interview
•  CoffeeTalk Radio interview of Noel
•  Record company requests via iTunes to re-release “Satin Sheets” on internet promo tour
•  JazzSpel TV (national) profile, Los Angeles
•  Jazz Times reporter, Chris Porter, reviewed Noel’s CD, “the soul of” for the Nov. issue.
•  Comcast TV, “Christmas Special”
•  The Bev Smith Show American Urban Radio Networks.
•  LA Times and 300 other daily newspapers around America printed a syndicated review and interview of Noel Webb done by Alice O’Neil
•  Joey Reynold’s Late Night Show (interviewed and performed live)
•  Voice of America Radio (300 million listeners heard Noel interview).
•  Associated Press Radio interviewed Noel
•  Billboard Review of “Satin Sheets” CD by Michael Paoletta
•  “Radio and Records” interviewed Noel for “the soul of” CD
•  BRE Magazine review of Noel
•  Jazziz Magazine “Contempo” profile on Noel Webb (nationwide)
•  BVS Review Magazine interview of Noel
•  Smart Jock (the premier NAC radio service) syndication on 60 stations- interview
•  Janine Coveney, the Smooth Jazz Editor for Launch Radio Networks, reviews CD.
•  Interviewed on WJAB / Huntsville, NC – WSNC / Winston-Salem – WVAS / Montgomery – KQXT / San Antonio (twice) – WDLT / Mobile, AL – WRBV / Macon, GA – WMCS / Milwaukee – KQXL – Baton Rouge (among many others).
•  Featured on week long morning and prime time drives on
•  WJAB / Huntsville, AL – WVAS / Montgomery, AL – WRBV / Macon, GA, and many more.
•  Toured through Alabama and Georgia, appearing in studio and performing live on several NAC and Urban A/C stations.
•  At the B R E (Black Radio Exclusive) 25th Anniversary Conference in Atlanta, Noel’s four minute “Satin Sheets” promotional video was chosen to play on all the auditorium screens and room televisions, 8 times a day to advertise the up-and-coming artist and change in the urban contemporary smooth jazz scene.
•  Noel’s CD “Satin Sheets” charted in the Gavin Report after only 5 weeks on the radio
•  Noel has thousands of fans who knew him as a principal actor on the television soap opera General Hospital, a recurring character on Mad About You, and a co-star on FBI, The Untold Stores. He was a star of many films and •  Movies of the Week including The Alamo, Young Riders, The Menendez Brothers, and Reluctant Agent, was featured on commercials by McDonalds, Honda, Emery, NBC Promo, a CBS Promo, and narrated more than 50 A&E Biographies, TNN Biographies, and movie trailers.

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